Meet our team of video pros

Damon Evans, Executive Producer

Damon has four adorable children and one lovely wife. He grew up moving from state to state with his nomadic parents. As an adult he has travelled to nearly 50 countries as a freelance videographer. When he's not behind a camera, Damon likes to be on stage doing live theater.


After 20 years in the video business, Damon still loves the process of meeting new clients, hearing their story and then strategizing how to tell that story through digital media. "What really thrills me is watching that picture in my mind come to fruition in real life with actors, lighting, editing, graphics and music," Damon says. ​

J.J. Bukowski, Director of Photography, etc.

JJ's story goes here but so far he hasn't written it. Bad JJ.

Levy Hurtado, Post Production Specialist

Levy's story goes here and we hope one day he will put this glorious story down in print.